Step 1 - Downloading

Weclome to the set up guide, to get started click here to download the game from the Steam Workshop. This download currently inlcudes all of the set one cards.

Next download the Deck builder from here. This will allow to build your deck and later import it for use inside of Table Top Simulator

Rules for deck building can be found here.

Step 2 - Building

Run TTS-Deck-Editor and create your deck. To do this drag the image of the card you want into the editor.

IMPORTANT: Set deck width to 10 and deck height to 5 when making a deck.

Step 3 - Exporting

Once your deck is created, go to File > Export and export your deck as an image..

Step 4 - Uploading

To get an image link for your deck, upload the image you exported to here. Or any other image hosting site like Imgur.

Step 4 - Importing

When in Table Top Sim, go to Objects > Components > Cards > Custom Deck

In the FACE catageory type in the card link.

In the BACK catageory type in -

WIDTH should be set to 10 and HEIGHT should be 5

NUMBER should be set to 41


You can build you deck inside of Table Top Simulator. To do this load up the UYTCG game in singleplayer and build a deck.

Once your deck is complete, right click on the deck and click "Save Object". You can now use your deck in other rooms, granted that the host allows users to create objects.